41MM Noble Omega De Ville Hour Vision 433. Fake Watches With Annual Calendar Functions

Omega De Ville copy watches with blue dials are equipped with Calibre 8902, the self-winding mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. They are certified by METAS, so their performances are very persistent and reliable. The calibre has a great resistance to magnetic fields. Through the transparent case backs, you will find the beautiful and luxury Arabesque Geneva waves on the movements.

Their power reserve is about 55 hours. The 41 mm steel case is made from stainless steel, and the length between lugs is 20 mm. Anyway, it’s a perfect size for business and casual situations. When you turn the wrist, the first sight in your eye is the blue dial with the sun-brushed treatment. Correspondingly the designers use the bluish hour track to decorate the dial. The centrally mounted three hands and upper faceted hour markers are made from 18K white gold, showing the beautiful metal gloss.

The symbolic annual calendar and date windows are locate at the 3 o’clock. The decent Omega replica watches have doomed anti-scratch sapphire glasses, and both sides have anti-reflective treatments. This can offer a good readability to wearers. The blue leather straps continue the watch’s color scheme, and offer a great comfortable wearing feeling.

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