9 Great Moments of Replica Omega’s Olympic Timekeeping

As we all know, every edition of the Olympic Games has significant moments. Here, we are pleased to introduce 9 great movements of discount Omega replica watches in Oympic timekeeping history.

  • 1932 An Olympic Legency Begins
    Sports Technical Director William Henry wrote, “It is impossible to contemplate the wonderfullly successful Games without recognizing the part played by Omega in this great international event.” Then, a partnership had begun.
  • 1936 Four Golds For A Legend
    At the Berlin 1936 Games, Jesse Owens remarkably won 4 gold medals when athletes gug their own starting holes with small shovels. Omega copy watches timed every outstanding performance in those days.
  • 1948 Birth of Modern Timing
    Omega used the photoelectric cell for the first time at the 1948 Olympic Winter Games. It was at this Olympic Game that machines began to exceed human in accuracy.9 Great Moments of Replica Omega's Olympic Timekeeping 1948
  • 1952 Croix du Mérite Olympique
    In 1952, the electronics era arrived. The best fake Omega watches allowed results to be printed, winning Omega the prestigious Croix du Mérite Olympique. Official times were now recorded to the nearest hundredth of a second.
  • 1964 Age of Electronic Timing
    The Omegascope introduced the concept of real time in televised sports, superimposing numbers on the bottom of the screen; it innovatively changed timekeeping when it debuted in Innsbruck, the first fully electronic Games.9 Great Moments of Replica Omega's Olympic Timekeeping 1964
  • 1968 Swimmer Stops the Clock
    The hottest technology in Mexico City was the touch pad in the pool that allowed the swimmer’s own hand to stop the clock, eliminating the need for poolside timekeepers. It remains a timekeeping milestone.9 Great Moments of Replica Omega's Olympic Timekeeping  1968
  • 1992 Scan-O-Vision Just in Time
    At the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville, speed skaters were treated to the Omega Scan-O-Vision system that digitally measured times to the nearest thousandth of a second as the skaters crossed the finish line.9 Great Moments of Replica Omega's Olympic Timekeeping 1992
  • 2010 Futuristic Starting Pistol
    The most noted bit of new sports timekeeping equipment In Vancouver was the Electronic Start System. A streamlined, futuristic red flash gun and a sound generation box replaced the traditional starting pistol.
  • 2012 A New Era in Timekeeping
    With an updated resolution of 1 µs (one millionth of a second) the Quantum Timer, there will be a new generation of advanced imitational Omega watches featuring a maximum variation of only one second out of ten million seconds.9 Great Moments of Replica Omega's Olympic Timekeeping 2012

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