Anti-Magnetic Omega Constellation Globemaster Replica Watches Will Show You The Way

When you get lost in remote region, the wristwatches will assist you to get the right directions. Now let us learn the method to identify the right orientation.

1, Dividing the current time of your watch by 2, then find the corresponding position of the quotient on the dial, then point this number to the sun. The direction indicated by the 12 o’clock on the dial is north.

2, You can point the hour hand of the watch to the sun, then the opposite direction of the diagonal of the hour and minute hands is the south.

The Omega Constellation Globemaster has been equipped with the prominent movement which offers greater resistance to magnetic field.

White Dial Omega Imitation Watch

However, we can’t ignore the affection from the geomagnetism to the wristwatch, then the anti-magnetic fake wristwatch with high performance will be perfect. As everyone knows, Omega is extraordinary in anti-magnetic technology.

Omega Constellation copy watch with steel case could offer resistance to magnetic field of 15,000 gauss. This is a good timepiece which could be used as the compass in certain conditions.

This timepiece features a vintage dial and fluted bezel.

Brown Leather Strap Fake Omega Constellation Globemaster

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