Decent Blue Dials And Bezels Omega Seamaster GoodPlanet GMT Diving Watches Fake For Men

The GoodPlanet GMT 600M watches are launched to raise the public concern about marine environmental problems. Omega cooperates with GoodPlanet Foundation to promote the sustainable development concept. Humans must be aware of the importance of protecting the natural resources. The innovative Omega Seamaster replica watches are applied with advanced technologies and top-level craftsmanships. First, they are driven by Cal. 8605, self-winding mechanical movemetns with co-axial escapements.

The advanced Swiss movements have the super precision and reliable performances. Their power reserve is about 60 hours. Their free-sprung balances are equipped with silicon hairsprings. They also have unique Geneva waves in Arabesque on the surface. The excellent movements can support strong and practical functions. The 43.5mm steel cases have blue dials, bezels and rubber straps. The whole dials have white luminescent hour markers and hands. Their central hour and minute hands all have the iconic design.

There is a date indicator set at 3 o’clock. The blue bidirectional rotatable bezels are carried with orange 24-hour GMT scales. There is also an orange hand in the center, set to show the second time zone. Besides, their water-resistance is remarkable as well, up to 60 bars. Swiss automatic movements Omega knockoff watches are filled with dynamic and sport feelings, catering to the taste of young customers.

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