Eventually I Chose Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 Replica With Uneven Dial

I hasn’t been interested with any wristwatches till the legendary copy Omega Speedmaster comes into my sight. The appearance of the timepiece is really amazing. Since then I know that there’s such a mysterious area which is full of the mechanical charm and designed aesthetics. So I decided to buy myself a watch.

The yellow elements on the dial are eye-catching.

Black Leather Strap Replica Omega

In consideration of the watch brand, movement and style, I chose the Omega fake with black ceramic case. Firstly, for the watch brands, I chose the Omega without any doubt. There’s no reason that I love the logo of Omega very much. For the movement, it must allow me to view the beauty from the movement.

The movement could viewed through the transparent caseback.

Accurate Omega Speedmaster Imitation Watch

At first time, I was attracted by the black Speedmaster chronograph but when putting it on my wrist, I know that what I really want is exactly the Apollo 8 . So I ordered the 44.25 mm knockoff watch and wait a long for the charming model. When I got it eventually, I know it is worthy of waiting.

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