Introducing The Forgotten Omega Railmaster Replica Watch With Great Resistance To Magnetic Field

Referring to Omega, many people will think of Speedmaster, Seamaster, De Ville and Constellation. In fact, in addition to these hot collection, Omega had created many other collections including Railmaster、Louis Brandt、Ranchero、Cosmic、Emerald、Geneve and so on. Today I will say something about the forgotten Railmaster.

The first Railmaster was released in 1957 and last year Omega launched a new one to reproduce the essence of the classic model.

Vintage Omega Railmaster Imitation Watch

In 1957, Omega launched three watches positioning to the professional markets, which were Seamaster 300, Speedmaster and Railmaster. In the 1950s, trains running on railways no longer burned coal, instead they switched to electromagnetic drives. The powerful magnetic field will undoubtedly interfere with the accuracy of the railway timepiece, and the popularization of electric power also makes anti-magnetic ability become a selling point, so Omega takes the opportunity to launch the Railmaster. Although the magnetic field becomes more and more, Omega Railmaster fake watch with automatic movement didn’t receive the expected market feedback.

The distinctive dial makes the watch very vintage and elegant.

Steel Case Replica Omega Railmaster

Last year, Omega released the three significant watches that perfectly reproduced the essence of those three original watches to celebrate the 60the anniversary. The 38mm Omega knockoff watch has inherited the main design of the original model, presenting the brilliance of the models at that time.

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