New Black Dial Omega Speedmaster ’57 Replica Watches

In 2013, the Omega replica watches have launched the Omega Speedmaster ’57 copy watches. The broad arrow pointer Omega fake watches with a coaxial machine core and use the classical design, reveal the advanced mechanical properties of both the aesthetic feeling at the same time, once launched, immediately caused a sensation.

copy stainless steel case Omega Speedmaster '57 watchesThis year, the new black dial Omega Speedmaster ’57 replica watches strongly return. The new sapphire crystal Omega watches was improved in performance, at the same time, still loyal to make this series popular more than half a century’s iconic design. The new copy stainless steel case Omega Speedmaster ’57 watches use the 41.5 mm polishing and grinding processing precision steel watchcase.

broad arrow pointer Omega fakeThe black dial which covered with a flat convex sapphire crystal is decorateed the white and beige transfer scale. Compared with 2013 fake Omega Speedmaster ’57 watch, the new Omega watch is embedded with the Super – LumiNova, that can emit green light under the dim light of night.

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