Prince William With His Significant Omega Seamaster Replica Watch Given By Princess Diana

Prince William has always worn a stainless steel case copy Omega Seamaster no matter on his wedding ceremony, or attending the activities. Why? What does this wristwatch mean to him ? In fact, the timepiece was given by his mother – princess Diana as his birthday gift. He said that this watch had accompanied him countless days and nights missing his mother.

Prince William often wore the Omega Seamaster with blue dial to attend many important activities.

Blue Bezel Copy Omega Watch

When little prince George was born, he wore this blue dial fake Omega too. Now prince George grows up, prince William often tells him that he also has a beautiful grandmother whose name was Diana. Although now he becomes a father, the present from his mother has always accompanied him, which presents his deep love and missing to mother.

The Omega Seamaster embodies his deep love to his mother - Princess Diana.

Omega Seamaster Replica With Stainless Steel Bracelet

His brother prince Harry always wore a bracelet which also presents his missing and love to mother. When their mother died, he and William went to Africa and bought this bracelet which had accompanied all the time when he spent his most difficult moments. No matter the knockoff watch with automatic movement of William, or the bracelet of Harry, both of which have presented the deep and eternal love to their mother.

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