The Differences Between The New Omega Seamaster 300 M Replica Watches And Old Versions

Omega released the fourth generation Seamaster 300 M collection this year to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Here I will analyze the changes and updates of the new timepieces.

  • The size

The former Seamaster 300 M watches all feature the 41 mm case while the new cheap Omega Seamaster copy watches feature the 42 mm cases. In addition to the diameter, the thickness has been increased from 13 mm to 13.6 mm.

From the picture, we will see the obviously differences between the two watches including the size, hour hand and hour markers.

Stainless Steel Cases Replica Omega Watches

  • The hour hand

The shape of the hour hand has been changed to be as same as the minute hand. The hands and hour markers have been enlarged to improve the legibility.

The Dial

The new Omega fake watch with black ceramic bezel has adopted the ceramic dial adorned with waved pattern. The dials commonly seen are made from the brass, which will be naturally ageing easily with the time goes. The ceramic dial will get rid of this trouble, however, it is easy to be broken when falling. Meanwhile, the date window has been moved from 3 to 6 o’clock to keep symmetry.

The date window has been set at 6 o'clock to keep symmtry.

Precise Knockoff Omega Seamaster

  • The helium escape valve

The appearance of the helium escape valve of the new 42mm imitation watch has been modified to be a conical. Meanwhile, with the newest patented technology, it allows the wearers to remove the helium inside of the watch under water.

  • The bracelet

The bracelet of the new timepiece has been adjusted to be more practical.

  • The caseback

The caseback of the new Seamaster has been changed to be transparent, allowing the wearers to enjoy the exquisiteness of the movement clearly.

The caseback of the new Seamaster is transparent, allowing the wearers to enjoy the movement.

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